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Notice: The TQS Graduate Degree Capstone Requirement Has Been Eliminated

Effective May 1, 2019 an acceptable graduate degree no longer requires a capstone.  All other requirements of an acceptable graduate degree are still in place.  This change does not affect graduate degrees that contain an initial teacher education program.

If you are currently in TQS category five plus with an acceptable master's degree you MUST apply to the TQS to be considered for an upgrade.  No upgrades will be processed automatically.  Complete the "Category Upgrade" application on our website and follow the instructions for upgrading.  If you have already forwarded transcripts to our office in the past, you need not send them again.

If you are currently in TQS category five or lower with an acceptable graduate degree, this change will not affect your category placement, but may affect your upgrading requirements.  If you are in category five or lower with an acceptable graduate degree and require clarification on whether this change will affect your upgrading requirements, please inquire through the "Contact Us" page on our website.

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